We are big fans of a hot soak; we seek hot springs out everywhere we go. Soaks under 104 degrees F. qualify as “warm springs”… and just don’t cut it. Our favorite hot spring, Pah Tempe in Hurricane, Utah was taken by legal action last year due to taint of the flavor of city water.  Fortunately, we have a new favorite in Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada.


Like it hot? Swim up towards the 136 degree F. source. Too hot? Swim downstream through cooling temperatures, all the way to chilly snow melt run off. It has very clean and clear water due to the volume production so you want to just keep moving up and down the current, finding your bliss point. Too wrinkly? Get out and hike up to the “Hanging Gardens” with waterfalls and orchids.


Too crowded? It is open 24 hours/day so you can go in the early morning and only run into the staff sweeping the rocks on the bottom with brooms to keep the pools clear of algae, and the water clear (feature image).

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