Note the LEGAL recreational marijuana in the mural. It wafts through the streets of the City here and there, and not just in the Hipster enclave, Belltown, where we stayed to keep cool…Hah! 90 degrees every day. This is the second summer of record setting heat in Seattle.

We stayed cool with water play with our favorite little boys.. I guarantee you they will win any water fight they enter this summer with Sal’s coaching and two gargantuan blasters. TAKE NO PRISONERS! MAKE MY DAY!

We also stayed cool at SAM, which curated a wonderful mask and costuming exhibit called, “Disguise”. Dinner with Sal’s son and his girlfriend visiting him from NY was fun and sweaty as most restaurants and bars don’t have AC.

Early mornings were lovely and cool on Lake Union….

…as were late afternoons in the Olympic Sculpture Park overlooking the Sound.

However, the best way to stay cool is to jump on a ferry to Bainbridge Island for a real sea breeze and a great view of Seattle from the water. Stay cool, all ya’ll!
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Location:Seattle, WA

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