AMERICA THE WACKY – Touch a real iceberg!

The Western approach to Great Smoky Mountain National Park is a blighted landscape of billboards (in Sevierville, pronounced “severe-ville”) and goofy monuments to American Family Entertainment (Pigeon Forge)…and we didn’t even get near Dollywood Theme Park, on the outskirts of town. Sevierville is all about shopping, and during this season, you know they pull out the stops to get your buck: the biggest drive through neon light exhibition ever! Dancing Cleopatras doing the King Tut walk, rock bands drumming, genies popping out of bottles…you get my drift. However, a Best Buy-sized store that only sells knives is more like a museum. Cool!

Thinking we had already finished with the craziness, we were shocked by 10 miles of main road lined with wacky architecture to lure the needs of the American Family for….entertainment of  course! You can travel the world without leaving town…

Home Sweet Home in Appalachia…


We definitely prefer tin-can pigs pulling sleighs!

We Americans know how to have a good time!



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