One Week to go…!

We plan to start off visiting as many gorgeous/weird/yummy places in North America that we have time to explore in the next year or two, before we zippity go global. There will be a strong emphasis on the great outdoors as we are heavily invested in portable kayaks, bikes, rackets, clubs, fly rods…. and easels. Both certified in scuba and holding basic keel boat and a skippering license for renting sailboats, we hope to do it all, everywhere! As Obama says, “Yes, We Can!”

Query: Will the weather allow us to be OUTSIDE enough so that we don’t tread on each other’s precious little private space? Being newlyweds and totally IN LOVE will surely help, but doesn’t SOME distance make the heart grow fonder?? Perhaps separate activities one or two days a week will help. Maybe early cocktails will be the remedy. ”It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere…and Darn, You always look so cute when I am lit”. The plan is to follow the seasons for cooler (but not cold) weather, best for outdoor activities. It should also help keep a certain retired lawyer from becoming a crabby hot- flashing Virago (the Virago’s own words…)

What questions do you ask when you wake up to a wide open schedule, and lots of wonderful options? First ask, “Watcha gonna do today to change the world”?

Or ask,
…Who’s getting up first to make coffee and walk the dog? Any rail/trail conversions around here to ride? What’s biting? Can I finish my novel today before the e-library erases it? What local agency might need our help today? Wanna make time today to peel a tomato, my little chili pepper? Yoga and Meditation v. Golf…or are they the same? Is my lifestyle creating economic injustice for anyone? Where’s that Tide Chart? Is that water hazard warm enough to swim in? What are we personally doing TODAY about Global Warming? What’s for dinner if we don’t defrost something? Do TJ’s Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips and red wine count as dinner? UH-OH! What’s that slimy, iridescent slick on the dog……EEEEUUWWWW!

“Zippity Doo-Dah” is a really racist song, yet positively showcased great African American talent in the 50’s, but happy slaves? …a creepy concept…maybe we should change the name of this site? Maybe the blog title should be, “Off Like A Prom Dress”? “Change Order“? “Exit Strategy”? “It’s About Time”? “Whatchagonnado?”


The Goal:
A balance of taking care of ourselves, others, and our environment, and allowing for surprise, adventure, and joy in simple things. Write enough to persuade our loved ones to come join us on the road from time to time. Dance like nobody’s watching, and try to change the world. Why not?

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A Studio Artist and painter trained at Stanford university, Sally has since then graduated from a long career as an Attorney with the Public Defender, and returned to painting. Living in Mexico with her son for a year, they adopted a feral dog, Lety. Sally's son left for college and their dog adopted her new best friend, Steven.

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