Instead of driving miles to camp in Northern Alaska and Canada this summer, we are trying an experiment. As CAMPGROUND HOSTS in the small town of Bay City, Oregon (pop., 1300), we are staying put in “the pearl of Tillamook Bay”, for three months, 1000 yards from the Bay. We are camping by Patterson Creek, loving this huge public “back yard” (that doesn’t require any yard work, thanks to the Department of Public Works who also clean the bathrooms😃)…and playing tennis on the courts across the creek. Nearby golf courses are calling as well.

Across the highway is a fresh fish market and restaurant on the Bay, and a block away are a 24 hour market, funky sports bar, and organic produce market and cafe with wifi. With the help of City Hall, we obtained library cards too.

Whatever else we need we can get on the way back from our coastal explorations. We toured the shortest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast at Cape Meares…

…enjoyed meeting these 6 older riders in our park on Day 2 of a 3 month long cross-country bicycle ride…

…took our own short rides up above the park for views of our little Bay City, below through the trees…

…and we will catch lots of haystack and ocean views, of course, as we explore up and down the Coast.

All this beauty, and our only job is to collect campers’ fees at night and hand them over to City Hall every few days. With only two groups here for an overnight in the week we’ve been here, this is an easy gig, leaving our days free to explore.

So, send us an email so we can pin down one of the 5 sites in Bay City for you, and get thee on the road to the Oregon Coast this summer!

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Location: Bay City, Oregon

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