We think of ourselves as somewhat fit because we bike, run, swim, and play tennis on a regular basis. Ha! We became so aware of the extra pounds we’re carrying around when we had to haul it 6.8 miles up a steep climb to get to Easton glacier on the Southern Flank of Mount Baker, and then back down again. 3500 ft. elevation gain…..Ow! Ow!


Our first day hike on the “Scott Trail” was steep but only 6 miles round trip to this view above of Mt. Baker…accessible just over one little ridge. We were shocked at how exhausting the next day was on the “Railroad Grade” trail was as we stumbled back to the car. Our rig, “DeeDee” proved her worth as we were able to take hot showers, eat a hot meal, and fall into bed right at the trail head. Awwwwwww….


It helps that the hike is so beautiful and wet and green, with lily ponds at the entry (and mosquitoes), followed by creeks and frequent peeks at the Volcano.


We finally had to walk the last 1/2 mile to the glacier…. 12 inch wide sliver of a trail on a knife-like ridge with lovely wildflowers tumbling down the access side to a wide meadow, and a sheer scree drop off on the other side, favored only by the large, whistling families of hoary marmots.


The relief at hitting the first edge of the glacier! Sal just had to make a snow angel, and hang out in the white stuff for awhile…or is she just unable to move? Meanwhile, the real mountaineers, with ropes and cramp-ons, headed on up to the deep crevasses. We turned around, climbed down the knife ridge and back into the lush greenery. It is a gorgeous walk even when you can hardly pick up your boots!





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