Heading out for our Summer Road Trip started with a sputter. The local mechanic who kept our vehicle, promising repairs in the three days before our departure date…finally, on the day of departure admitted that he had done nothing and would do nothing as he was too booked with work. He also had our rig buried so deep in his shop he couldn’t extract it until an hour before we were due at another mechanic….an hour away in Napa…who offered to stay after 6 PM to accommodate us. Dan in Napa was our First Angel, as there are very few mechanics who work competently on our type of generator. Also we learned that RV repair shops are booked months ahead beginning in mid-May. Now we know to plan ahead. We rushed out of town forgetting LOTS of stuff, including Sal’s keys to a bike lock, tethering Steven’s bike to the vehicle. Oops!

We were rescued again by our second Angels, our pals Ernie and Pam who at 9:00PM that night graciously welcomed us to their home in Napa, a great excuse to hang out for a bit.

Our Third Angel was our friend Carol in Ukiah who fed and showered us when we showed up at night due to an RV plumbing issue needing repair in Ukiah. Again, we really enjoyed catching up with an old neighbor and friend!

Our Fourth Angels, our pals Chris and Rochelle graciously waited for us to replace a damaged tire, delaying our arrival to a gorgeous wine and appetizer spread in their Portland home.

Our Fifth Angel was the Seattle bicycle mechanic who figured out how to free Steven’s bike from the car rack I locked it to, in two minutes, without damaging the bike or lock…for free!! (Big tips in their employee Brew Pub jar!)

Our Sixth Angel was the mechanic JR and his son Jake in Sedro Wooley, who told us that they absolutely could not squeeze us in for a month, who then stayed late and fixed our refrigerator and coach batteries, to get us on the road again that day!

We love our Angels and don’t know what we would do without them. We only hope we are able to reciprocate such kindness to other travelers in need when we have an opportunity.

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