En route to Israel and Jordan, we elected to stop for a family visit in Essex Fells, New Jersey. First, a day in Manhattan after a red eye flight…in 16 degree F. weather with a wind chill factor bringing it down to 4 degrees F. Brrrrr!

As Californians after 4 years of drought we celebrated the snow with 1) a snowball fight in Midtown…and icicle sword fighting!

2) a trip to the top of the Empire State building with NO tourists at 8 AM after a night of snowfall,

…and 3) the search for outdoor activity to stay warm with insufficient snow to cross country ski in Central Park, but too icy to bicycle either. What were we to do? Head into deeper snow in the woods next to our family members’ home in New Jersey for a good dog walk with Sal’s brother!

In such extreme cold, our visit to the Turtleback Zoo provided lots of animals (and 0 people) out in the snow.

However, the Liberty Science Center (indoors) was thronged with kids so we camped out at the IMAX films, making us want to plan a trip to Madagascar to see lemurs and tropical birds as soon as possible.

Tomorrow we will put away the parkas and mittens, and fly to the deserts of Israel and Jordan, on the heels of another snowstorm tonight. 66 degrees and scuba diving in the Red Sea sounds so-o-o-o very enticing right now. Shalom!

… details on elevator doors in the Art Deco lobby of the Empire State Building.

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