Quebec A.K.A. Quebec City has a historic, “Old Quebec” portion which falls within the original city walls. Those walls, The Ramparts, are a world heritage site. Inside lies a charming small French village, full of charming restaurants and high end retail. We admired the beautiful Canadian artistry, unique style, and creativity, but the sticker shock was heart-grabbing. $300 for a pair of summer shorts made Steven nearly drop his artisan chocolates!


My attitude about fashion at this price, was more like this cleverly named store:


Some words work in all languages, Oui?  Exactly like ‘Chocolate’, Oui Oui!!  The most charming shop was Le Chocolaterie du Village, with a small chocolate museum and a collection of old chocolate molds…


…which was so delectable it made us ignore the prices.


Decisions to delay gratification…works better with clothing purchases than it does for sweets!


The turreted Hotel Frontenac sits over the top of the winding retail alleys and is visible from many viewpoints, always imposing, and always making one think of Europe.


Best of all, is the whimsical and perfectly crafted five story murals, competing with those we saw in Philadelphia, PA.


The Canadian deep respect for their indigenous people is evident in their sculpture and busts throughout the City. The Parliament Building has a dramatic sculpture of the First Citizens (featured image) that reminded me of Renoir’s Burghers of Calais, as it seemed to state the City’s purpose: welcome and educate visitors with the basic value of ‘inclusion’ and respect.


Similarly, Ghandi’s bust is prominently featured in the Park fronting the Parliament along with this sculpture showing modern women’s roots in the past, and our gratitude for those who fought the battles for the freedoms we have come to expect.



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