AMARILLO: God Bless Texas

We got our first friendly “Ya’ll” here at the RV Musuem. Jack and Trent were so gracious; they have worked hard to create a great museum on road travel. We love this Model T, the first “Slide-out Wall” RV.  No one can answer our question about the cause of the 75 cent cost difference per gallon charged across the South, v.  cost in California. We were giddy upon finding $2.91/gal!

The entry from the west is introduced by the smell of stockyards. Beef is king here; Amarillo is one of the largest meatpacking sites in the country. The most famous restaurant here offers a free meal if you can finish it…72 oz. steak plus a gazillion starchy sides in an hour. 8800 people succeeded of the 55,000 that tried. We watched two big guys fail…they looked uncomfortable only halfway through the meal…or was that the $70 they had to pay for the chance to try? Waffle and steak houses are only outnumbered by churches and religious billboards.


As Amarillo is on Route 66, there is some quirky art visible from the road. The Art Farm and Stanley Marsh III made the conceptual art work, “Cadillac Ranch”, featuring a line of cars tilted at the same angle as the Pyramids of Giza. Young artists make improvements…

Also, Art Farm installed over 300 goofy pole signs throughout the San Jacinto neighborhood in Amarillo. Some examples:

“Jobless Aging Tired Wanting Mostly Sleep”,

“ART Enables Me To Fall In Love With Human Beings”,

“Let’s Party*God Does”,

“Si Quieres Que Sepan Lo Que Eres, Cuentaselo A Las Mujeres” (if you want to know what’s what, ask the women),

“I Don’t Know How I Do It But Every Woman I Meet Is Crazy”,

“This Sign Is As American As Apple Pie”,

“We Have Given The World An Art Form Akin To A Slap In The Face”,

“I Must Be The World’s Greatest Sign”.

One disturbing sign on a private home was not meant for art: “We don’t dial 9-1-1″…with a firearm hanging below it. Maybe the title of this blog should have been, “Texas: Don’t Tread On Me”.


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