In Memoriam: Chris Stevens

U.C., Hastings College of the Law, Class of 1989

Sharing all of our first year classes together, it was clear he was a really great guy: calm, sweet and smart. Who knew then that he would become a highly esteemed peacemaker and supporter of Democracy, notably in tense areas like Afghanistan and Libya? He loved his job. He represented us so admirably, and made us all proud to be active supporters of Liberty worldwide, for everyone. A humble, unassuming man in 1986…who knew he would be our very brave hero someday, a symbol of the very best of ourselves and of our democratic values, in a world striving for Freedom from injustice? His family is setting up a fund to support American and Libyan cultural bridging. I hope we can all give just a bit, to show our continuing intention to support Libya as a new democratic nation. A few days after Chris’s death, Libya elected by democratic process, a Prime Minister, a first, since Kaddafi’s years of dictatorship, and a hard fought revolution for democracy.  The new Prime Minister noted the import of Chris’s friendship and support both personally and in the political process, and knew how happy Chrisc would have been with the election results. Chris won one for the peace and justice loving people of the world.

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