Granite, Glaciers and Lakes: Tioga Pass

At the Eastern Boundary of Yosemite National Park, lies the Mt. Conness

Mt. Conness and North Peak Glaciers sit at 12,500 feet, but are accessible from Saddlebag Lake, our camp at 10,500 feet. The 15 mile loop trail took us through the “20 Lakes Basin”, past a tungsten mine, up ankle-breaking scree to Secret Lake, along the Crest overlooking the McCabe Lakes and the Pacific Crest Trail, and finally to the glaciers on the downhike.

At Secret Lake, I assumed that meant private lake, as it is an arduous, slippery ascent to get there. I immersed without noticing the backpackers on the Crest above, until I got out to dry off. I hope the glimpse of the naked middle aged lady distracted them pleasantly from their climb. This loop is a real gem for granite, lake and glacier lovers, quite uplifting (even without a naked lady sighting!).

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