Virginia City, Nevada

Camel Races, created as a hoax, are very goofy. Whereas racehorses are schooled to enter gates without a fuss, and get sent back to “gate school” before they can race again if they are naughty, camels wander a bit, unclear on the concept of getting to the finish line with alacrity. Funny. In fact, Virginia City is a pretty funny place. We liked their tee shirts which were more humorous than the usual tourist site schlock.












“The Way It Was” Museum is a fun instruction in mining techniques employed for mining the extensive Comstock Lode, where 400 Million Dollars worth of iron ore/gold/silver were extracted. Much of this money created wealth that was used to construct San Francisco.

This area is hot, dry and exposed, supporting a large wild horse population. It also provided skies that truly appeared “on fire”.

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  1. Arjan

    Hey sally, thanks for the heads up on the blog, Ill follow your travels, this is the kind of trip I’d like to make down the line.


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